Heart of America Eye Care Congress

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February 9-11, 2024
Sheraton Crown Center
Kansas City, Missouri

2023 HOAECC Lecture Materials

A Review of What’s New and What’s Coming in Eye Care - BP-0018-22 (Wroten)

>  A Review of What's New

A Roadmap for Making the Diagnosis in Glaucoma - 80867-GL (Chaglasian)

>  Roadmap for Making Diagnosis

Adopt the Treatment Your Patients Need! Scleral Lenses for Ocular Surface Disease - 79340-CL (Asghari)

>  Adopt the Treatment Your Patients Need Scleral Len

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye - AP-0006-21 (Drake)

>  Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye 1 hour -

Advanced Dispensing for Paraoptometric Assistants - OP-0045-20 (Yoho)

>  Advanced Dispensing

Age Related Changes and the Eye - AP-0026-21 (Drake)

>  Age Related Changes and the Eye - Course Descript

AMD and AMD Imposters - 79801-TD (Rafieetary)

>  AMD Imposteres Outline outline

Anatomy and Physiology - AP 0001-22 (Lawrence)

>  Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy of a Successful Optical Business - PM-0090-20 (Pierce)

>  Anatomy of a Successful Optical Business HOA 2022


Ask Share Learn - OP-0065-22 (O'Keefe Lincoln)


Assisting Pediatric Eye Exams - CV-0001-21 (Howell)

>  Assisting Pediatric Exams

Autoimmune Disease and the Eye - 80030-SD (DeWilde)

>  Autoimmune Disease and the Eye 2022

Basic Dispensing for the Paraoptometric Assistant - OP-0044-20 (Yoho)

>  Basic Dispensing

Best of Academy 2022 - 82564-GO (King / Bodack)

>  HOA Best of AAO 2022 handout - Compatibility Mod

Boots on the Ground Marketing - PM-0095-22 (Helmus)

>  Boots on the Ground Marketing

Breakthrough Technologies on the Horizon - HP-0001-22 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  Breakthrough Outline FINAL 2021

Can My Medications Cause Visual Problems? - PH-0010-21 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  Can My Meds HANDOUT 2023

Cases Front to Back - 80469-TD (Bloomenstein)

>  Cases Front to Back MB 2022

Children's Vision: More than Just 20/20 - CV-0008-21 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  Children's Vision 1 hour HANDOUT 2023

Corneal Ulcers: Infectious vs. Sterile - 79748-TD (Kruoch)

>  HOA 2023 Corneal Ulcers

Creating a Staff Development and Training Program to Grow Your Practice - 79583-PM (Franklin)

>  Creating a Staff Development and Training Program

Creating Value Perception - 79551-PM (Franklin)

>  Outline Creating Perceived Value

Defining the "Chief Complaint" to Maximize Vision - BP-0011-21 (Drake)

>  Defining the Chief Complaint- Outline

Dispensing to the Generations - OP-0055-20 (Pierce)

>  Updated Dispensing to the Generations HOA 2022

Elements of an Eye Exam - BP-0017-22 (Lawrence)

>  Elements of An Eye Exam

Emerging Trends in AMD - 80763-TD (Pizzimenti)

>  Emerging_AMD_2023 handouts

Exploring the Frontiers of Eye Care - 79778-GO (Wroten)

>  what's coming part 2

Eyewear Trends and Selection Techniques - OP-0064-22 (Pierce)

>  Eyewear Trends and Selection Techniques HOA 2022

>  Face Shape Chart HOA 2022

From Paraoptometrist to Dry Eye Advocate - ED-0056-22 (Helmus)

>  From Paraoptometrist to Dry Eye Advocate

Genetic Testing a New Frontier in Management of Inherited Retinal Disease - 79751-TD (Rafieetary)

>  Genetic Testing

Glasses I don't want no stinking glasses. Novel Treatment for Presbyopia - 81519-GO (Bloomenstein)

>  Talking Presbyopia

Go Big or Go Home: The Scleral Lens Lecture - 79749-CL (Kruoch)

>  HOA 2023 Scleral Lenses

Guide to Headaches for the Optometrist - 79881-NO (DeWilde)

>  What a Pain

Hands-on Skill Workshop - BP-0001-22 (Lawrence)

>  Hands On Skills Workshop

Heart of America Eye Care Congress 2023: Clinical and Scientific Poster Session - 82200-GO (Stoppel)

>  Course Outline for COPE

How Important Are the Measurements You Take - OP-0052-20 (Pierce)

>  How Important are the Measurements You Take HOA 20

Human Anatomy and Systemic Diseases - AP-0020-22 (Lawrence)

>  Human Anatomy and Eye Diseases

Identifying True Ocular Emergencies of the Posterior Pole - 80420-SD (Pelino / Pizzimenti)

>  Emergencies of the posterior pole lecture 2022

Journey to the Peripheral Retina: Diagnosis and Management of Peripheral Retinal Disease - 79752-TD (Rafieetary)

>  A Journey to the Peripheral Retina-outline (1)

Love It or List It - 78925-PM (Helmus / Wroten)

>  Love It or List It

Making Meetings Matter - PM-00638-22 (O'Keefe Lincoln)

>  O'Keefe Avoiding Making HANDOUTS ABSTRACT NOTES

Management of Irregular Astigmatism - Outside of Scleral Lenses - 79184-CL (Lampa)

>  Management of Irregular Astigmatism Outside of Scl

Managing Glaucoma Over Time and Detecting Progression - 80868-GL (Chaglasian)

>  Managing Glaucoma Over Time 1 hour Handout

Managing Practice Change for Increased Efficiency - 79581-PM (Franklin)

>  Outline Managing Practice Change for Increased Efi

Multifocal Contact Lenses - 79181-CL (Lampa)

>  Multifocal Contact Lenses

My Top Ten Dispensing Tips - OP-0050-20 (Pierce)

>  My Top Ten Dispensing Tips HOA 2023

Neuro-Ophthalmic Grand Rounds - 77423-NO (Pelino)

>  Neuro Ophthalmic Grand Rounds Pelino

New Developments in Glaucoma - 80870-GL (Chaglasian)

>  New Developments in Glaucoma HO 2023

New Horizons in Glaucoma Technology - 80626-GL (King)

>  New Horizons in Glaucoma Technology outline

OCT Grand Rounds - 79939-TD (DeWilde)

>  OCT Grand Rounds

Ocular Findings that Suggest Child Abuse - 79770-PB (Howell)

>  Ocular Findings that Suggest Child Abuse

Opportunities for Diversity and Inclusion in Eye Health and Vision Care - PM-0078-22 (Howell)

>  Finding Opportunities to promote diversity and inc

Optimizing Orthokeratology - 79183-CL (Lampa)

>  Optimizing Orthokeratology

Optometrists Role in Systemic Disease - 80770-SD (Pizzimenti / Pelino / DeWilde)

>  Systemic_Panel

Out With the Hackneyed and in With the Neveau- Eyed: Looking at New Eye Care Treatments and Diagnosis - 79842-GO (Bloomenstein)

>  Hackeneyed Lecture

Pediatric Headaches - 80177-NO (Bodack)

>  Pediatric Headaches Bodack

Pediatric Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease and Neurodevelopmental Syndromes - 79772-SD (Howell)

No materials for this course.

Pediatrics for the Non-Peds OD - 80999-FV (Bodack)

>  PedsNonPedsHOA2023handout

Pleasing the Impossible Patient - PM-0060-22 (Yoho)

>  Pleasing the Impossible Patient - Yoho

Private Practice Horror Stories - 77238-PM (Helmus)

>  Private Practice Horror Stories

Professional Ethics to Practice By - PM-0018-22 (O'Keefe Lincoln)

>  O'Keefe Professional Ethics To Practice By HANDOUT

Red Eye Emergencies: What do YOU See? - SP-0020-20 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  Red Eye HANDOUT 2023

Secondary & Other Glaucomas - 80628-GL (King)

>  Secondary and Other Glaucomas

Setting the Stage for Patient Complaints - PM-0092-19 (O'Keefe Lincoln)

>  O'Keefe Setting The Stage For Patient HANDOUTS ABS

Soft Contact Lenses: New Insights New Understandings - 79185-CL (Lampa)

>  Soft Contact Lenses New Insights New Understanding

Staff Leadership - Developing great practice leaders, creates a great team - 79549-PM (Franklin)

>  Staff Leadership Outline

Tales from the Lane-Cases that make you say what - 79766-TD (Bloomenstein)


Team Ideas for a great workplace - 79550-PM (Franklin)

>  Outline Team Ideas for a great workplace

The Biological Bandage of Eyecare: Amniotic Membranes - 79805-TD (Kruoch)

>  HOA 2023 Amniotic Membranes

The Cutting Edge of Eye Care - 79800-GO. (Wroten)

>  What's coming Part 1

The Digital Eyestrain EXPLOSION! - HP-0002-22 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  The Digital Eye Strain HANDOUT 2023

The Dynamic Duo: Keratoconus and Scleral Lenses - 79343-CL (Asghari)

>  The Dynamic Duo Keratoconus and Scleral Lenses

The Evolution of Progressive Lenses - OP-0066-22 (O'Keefe Lincoln)

>  O'Keefe The Evolution of Progressive Lenses HANDOU

The Great Cover UP - Cosmetics and Contact Lenses - CL-0001-21 (Drake)

>  The Great Cover Up - Cosmetics and Contact Lenses-

The Optics of Strong Large Lenses - OP-0053-20 (Pierce)

>  The Optics of Strong Large Lenses HOA 2022

The Past, Present, and Future of Pharmaceuticals in Optometry 2023 - 79806-PH (Kruoch)

>  The Past, Present, and Future of Pharmaceuticals i

The Systemic Benefits of Cataract Surgery - 80416-SD (Pelino)

>  systemic benefits of cataract surgery

The Vision and Learning Connection - VT-0005-19 (Kerestan-Garbig)

>  Vision and Learning Connection FINAL Handout Jan 2

Topography of the Ocular Surface - 79182-CL (Lampa)

>  Topography of the Ocular Surface

Types of Lenses, Transposing and Converting a Multifocal Rx to Task - OP-0060-20 (Drake)

>  Types of Lenses - Converting Multifocal Rx to Task

Visual Field Testing: New options vs. Well Established Standards - 80869-GO (Chaglasian)

>  VF Testing New Options HO Slides

What Makes Eyeglasses Fit Badly & What To Do About It - OP-0004-21 (Drake)

>  What Makes Eyeglasses Fit Badly & What To Do About

What to Do When the Eyes Turn - Evaluation and Management of Strabismus - 79804-FV (Bodack)

>  Strabismus Management Bodack

What to do When the Urgent and Extraordinary Knocks - 79803-GO (Rafieetary)

>  What to do When the Urgent and Extraordinary Knock

What's in a Number: Glaucoma Controversies and Complications in Glaucoma Management - 80630-GL (King)

>  What is in a Number-outline_summary

When Glaucoma and Retina Converge - 79472-GL (Pizzimenti)

>  When GLC_Retina_ICO_2023

When to Monitor and When to Act: Basics of Scleral Lens Troubleshooting - 79342-CL (Asghari)

>  How do i fix this basics of scleral lens trouble s

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - OP-0016-22 (O'Keefe Lincoln)

>  O'Keefe Who Wants To Be A Millionaire HANDOUTS ABS